3 hour drug/alcohol

driver improvement

3hr drug/alcohol

The Driver Improvement Program (DIP) is a 3hr Instructional program that is mandatory by MVA, every time you receive a moving violation, it is intended to provide driver rehabilitation.  
Taught every Saturday at 9am.

driver improvement


"The only Way to the MVA"


One of the most exciting days in the life of a teenager is the day that they take their MD road test and are able to get their drivers license. One Way is proud to play a part in that process and helping new drivers to learn the skills to be safe drivers.
Our MVA skills test service provides a certified driving instructor and our vehicle, allow you to drive to the test center, and bring you back to the school immediately following your test.

Our advanced service provides an additional refresher practice lesson immediately prior to your test, where we will review and highlight important points like 2pt turn about, to help ensure the MD road test is completed with confidence and ease.

Be sure to bring all of the required paperwork to your test.  Click here to see what you need!

mva skills


mva skills test

Philadelphia road

all classes $250 

advanced instructor course

Established since 2008

For applicants that currently possess a driver license from another country or currently possess an Armed Forces license Only. You must complete the 3 hour Drug/Alcohol Education Program before you can receive a Maryland License from Motor the Vehicle Administration.
Taught every Friday at 5pm.

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